How to scare a Christian in five syllables

There is a single word that makes the rounds
and coils guts of Christians into knots
that boils blood, five syllabatic sounds:
Predestination, like a sharp garrotte
does cut at root of many sapling trees
and even with those more mature: unease
Yet on this simple doctrine Paul is clear
God chose us before the start of years

Why does this word put so many in grief?
It is but an assurance, to be brief.
As man may choose his bride with great research,
Should not the LORD choose his own bride, the Church?
Ask not if you were chosen before time
Put all trust in the LORD who is sublime

- Joshua Barry

Published by

Andrew Barry

Andrew Barry serves Christ with his people at Menai Anglican Church. He is married to Ruth. They live with five of their children and eagerly wait to see their other son when Jesus returns.