Less people are dying from natural disasters

Look at this diagram from Our World in Data, trusted by the BBC, CNN and the New York Times. Take out the earthquakes and the graph is even more dramatic.

If there are more extreme weather events in recent times, and yet less people are dying from them, then something is enabling human beings to survive. Could improvements in infrastructure, building materials, transportation, water-purification and better engineering be part of the answer?

I’ve always found this graph fascinating. Is that morbid? I hope not. Every loss of life from a disaster is tragic, but that loss seems to increase where there is under-development. Thank God for the gifts he gives under the earth, and that human creativity that harnesses them, enabling us to adapt so well to our changing world.

You won’t see a graph like this on the 6 o’clock news.

Next time you deal with builders, plumbers, electricians, town-planners, engineers, or even the local council, thank God for them.

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